Radio klub Cerkno S50E

Radio klub Cerkno

Only a few months after rebuilding the Marko’s S50K Kal, Idrijske Krnice station all antennas were destroyed in sleet on 4th december 2014 again!!!
S50K station Kal, Idrijske Krnice – september 2014

S50K station Kal, Idrijske Krnice – 5th december 2014


Ledeni oklep februar 2014

Since 31st January Slovenia has been affected by extreme cold weather such as blizzards, heavy snow and sleet This has caused the collapse of power lines under the weight of ice, snow and falling trees with electricity disruptions now affecting 250,000 people (25% of households). The restoration of electricity supply is being made difficult by the continuing bad weather. This has prompted Slovenia to request


S590RTVS a special a

  S5 90 RTVS posebni pozivni znak naših radioamaterjev ob praznovanju visokega ...

60th club foundation

OQRS is closed and all S557E QSOs have been uploaded ...

CQ World Wide DX Con

CQ World Wide DX CW Contest sem delal od doma, ...

Moje prvo radioamate

Radijsko dovoljenje sem dobil 27.5.2017, zato sem v CQ WW ...

Praznovanje 60. oble

Zahvaljujemo se vsem ki ste nas obiskali ter ustvarili prijetno ...

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