Radio klub Cerkno S50E

Radio klub Cerkno

A special event station is an amateur station transmitting during an over-the-air celebration of an event having exceptional meaning to our amateur service community. Such special events include a wide variety of festivities such as conventions, festivals, dedications, anniversaries, and local happenings. During the event, the special event station conducts two-way radio exchanges with other amateur stations. These stations generally operate for a short time, and have special QSL cards to commemorate the event.

1957 – 2017

S557E (60th club foundation anniversary 2017)

Activity was to celebrate the 60th club foundation anniversary since year 1957. All S557E QSOs have been uploaded to LoTW and Club Log. Also all QSL cards for each S557E contact were send to the QSL bureau. Thank you very much to all who participated our 60th club foundation anniversary on the air celebration. Currently Radio club Cerkno manage the following callsigns and amateur radio services:

  • S557E – 60th club foundation anniversary since year 1957 special event callsign
  • S50E – DX & CONTEST station Črni Vrh nad Cerknim 1.297m (4.255 ft.) asl
  • S53IXY – Radio klub Cerkno, Bevkova 22, 5282 Cerkno
  • S59DRL – section Kričač Ljubljana
  • S50CLX – DX Cluster
  • S50EDX- Echolink
  • S55YCV – Packet digipeater
  • TELETEXT – RTV Slovenija Teletext page number 597 with three sub pages


S567O (Year 2014)

Special call sign S567O was active on all bands during year of 2014. Activity was to celebrate our longterm president Miran, S50O who has been granted the first amateur radio license in 1967. In Radio club Cerkno, S50E the amateur radio come to life with the arrival of Miran Vončina, S50O.

S546EB & S561EB (Eurobasket Slovenia 2013)

Members of the Radio club Cerkno, S50E were active on the amateur radio frequencies signing special event call signs S546EB and S561EB celebrating European Basketball Championships EuroBasket 2013 which was held in Slovenia in September 2013. (final review in Slovene)

S555E & S55CERKNO (55th club foundation anniversary 2012)

Members of the Radio club Cerkno, S50E were active as special event call sign S555E and S55CERKNO throughout 2012. Activity was to celebrate the 55th club foundation anniversary. A special full color QSL card was confirm each contact via the bureau in early 2013. S555E and S55CERKNO logs were uploaded on ARRL LoTW please feel free to match your log for digital certification. (final review)


S557E special event

OQRS is closed and all S557E QSOs have been uploaded ...

CQ World Wide DX Con

CQ World Wide DX CW Contest sem delal od doma, ...

Moje prvo radioamate

Radijsko dovoljenje sem dobil 27.5.2017, zato sem v CQ WW ...

Praznovanje 60. oble

Zahvaljujemo se vsem ki ste nas obiskali ter ustvarili prijetno ...

S50HQ v IARU HF Cham

Vsako leto v drugem polnem vikendu meseca julija poteka 24 ...

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